Here's how to top-up your Octopus Card



Step 1: At the Coin Dragon kiosk, select the Octopus option. Click “Continue” to accept our service terms and conditions*. A 10% service fee applies.


Step 2: Check your balance on your Octopus card (using the Octopus reader) to ensure that there is enough capacity on your card. Use a different card if there is insufficient capacity.


Step 3: Remove dirt, debris and other objects from coins. Add coins to the tray (lid will open automatically). Close the lid, and let the machine do the sorting.


Step 4: When the kiosk is done with counting, place your card on the Octopus reader for a top-up. 



*Note: Coin Dragon’s system security is comparable to a general teller machine, which requires the user to accept our terms and conditions of use. The machine consists of an IP camera, and digital and hardware mechanism for theft prevention. 

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