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What is Coin Dragon?


The Coin Dragon kiosk counts your coins and exchanges them for real spending options.  Simply feed the Dragon!  Users may convert their coins’ value into a bank account, Octopus card, charity donation, or merchant gift voucher.


How does it work?


   1.  Select which output for your coins’ value:
        Bank Account, Octopus card, Charity Donation, or Gift Voucher
   2.  Read and accept the ‘Terms of Use’
   3.  Pour in your coins and watch the Coin Dragon count them.  Accept/reject your final count
   4.  View/send your receipt

Does Coin Dragon charge for their service?


Yes, we exchange your coin value on Bank Transfers and Octopus Add Value less a 10% processing fee.  Charity donations and gift cards are free of charge.

Note: Coin Dragon Limited charges the processing fee to cover our cost of operation. You have the right to decline our service by pressing ‘Start Over’ before proceeding to deposit any coins into the kiosk. 


Can I deposit my coins to more than one account for each coin deposit transaction?

At any one time, you may deposit the coins into one account/option only.  Splitting a transaction is not possible.  You may submit several separate transactions to different accounts, however.

What are the accepted denominations and currencies?

Only HKD coins.  No RMB coins, no foreign coins, no foreign objects.  Some damaged or older coins may be rejected.  Coin Dragon does not exchange currencies.

How many coins can I deposit each time?

Up to 5,000 HKD can be accepted per transaction or if using Octopus, less than the remaining capacity on the Octopus. The maximum number of pieces deposited is also subject to the load capacity of the Kiosk.  The Kiosk may return your deposit if the machine is full or you exceed the transaction limit.


What if I deposit more coins than my Octopus Card’s remaining capacity?

The remaining coins will be "saved" for a subsequent transaction, if the total amount deposited exceeds the remaining capacity on your Octopus Card. Also, You can choose to "Change Options" and select another option for your coin value or "Save Deposit" for later use.

Is Coin Dragon’s Bank Deposit feature safe?


Yes, we use an encrypted connections to process your information and we dispose of sensitive information regularly.  Our data security protocols are comparable ATM tellers. For bank transfers, we only collect the destination account number and no other personal details.


What personal information does the Coin Dragon kiosk collect?

  • Bank transfers: Account number* only, used on only to transfer the value

  • Octopus card: Card number, as part of the Add Value operation

*Note: Account/card numbers are regularly disposed from our systems.

Do I need to sort the coins according to denominations before depositing at the Kiosk?

No, your coins can comprise a mixture of the accepted denominations.  Please remove all dirt, debris, objects, and foreign coins before depositing as these may damage the Coin Dragon machine.

Can I change the amount of my coin deposit after placing them into the coin deposit Kiosk?


Transactions CANNOT be cancelled once coins have been deposited into the machines.

When will my account be credited or value transferred?


  • Octopus Add Value is immediate. 

  • Bank transfer takes three (3) working days. 

  • Gift cards are sent by email within two working days.

Who should I contact if I am experiencing difficulties with the Coin Dragon Kiosk?


If you are having any difficulty with your transaction, please contact our or call us using a Coin Dragon kiosk’s phone support.




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